Xenophon owes Regional SA an explanation

The State Liberals are demanding that Nick Xenophon confirm if it is SA Best's policy to deliver a ‘light’ version of the Liberals’ Royalties for Regions plan.

The calls come following SA Best Candidate Sam Johnson’s endorsement of a SA Regional Organisation of Councils (SAROC) Royalties for Regions policy that would see less funding delivered for regional roads than under the Liberals’ already announced plan.

“Nick Xenophon’s candidate has endorsed a policy that will see less funding delivered for regional roads than under a Marshall Liberal Government,” said Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Ridgway.

“Last year we announced that a Marshall Liberal Government would deliver Royalties for Regions, quarantining 30 per cent of mining royalties for investment in regional roads and infrastructure delivering an estimated $750 million over 10 years.

“SA Best Candidate Sam Johnson has supported a reduced version of our policy that would deliver less funding for regional roads and infrastructure, quarantining only 25 per cent of royalties.

“Nick Xenophon must confirm if he supports the policy endorsed by his candidate to deliver less funding than the Liberal plan for regional roads.

“Unlike Nick Xenophon the State Liberals have announced a suite of policies under our $1 billion Recharging Our Regions package.

Recharging Our Regions will support regional job creation, increase investment in regional infrastructure, drive down the cost of living and improve frontline services.”

Key components of Recharging Our Regions include;

  • $150 million Regional Growth Fund
  • $750 million Royalties for Regions program
  • $360 million cut to the ESL
  • Liberal Energy Solution which will reduce household and business electricity bills
  • Improvements to frontline services

“Nick Xenophon’s SA Best Party is basically a policy free zone and doesn’t have a plan to deliver regional jobs, cut the cost of living or improve frontline services,” said Mr Ridgway.

“The best outcome for regional South Australians is a majority Marshall Liberal Government that will deliver our comprehensive plan to improve the lives of regional South Australians.”

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