Workers cast adrift at Castalloy

Confirmation that the New Castalloy factory at North Plympton will close in 2019 highlights the failure of the Weatherill Government’s economic policies and the importance of electing a Marshall Liberal Government in March.

“This is a really difficult time for the 120 workers at New Castalloy but their best hope of securing another job is the election of a pro-business Marshall Liberal Government,” said Shadow Minister for Industry Corey Wingard.

“The Weatherill Government’s high tax, high cost regime is hurting business investment and stifling jobs growth in South Australia.
“South Australia has a deep-seated problem with unemployment, underemployment and low participation rates.

“Whilst the rest of the country is enjoying a jobs bonanza employment growth in South Australia is at a snail’s pace and most of the few jobs being created are part-time.

“Jay Weatherill’s massive ESL tax, the punishing price of electricity, water and Labor’s love of red tape are all holding back economic growth in South Australia.

“Until South Australian businesses are freed from the dead hand of the Weatherill Government we will continue to lag behind the rest of the country.

“Small businesses are really struggling and the costs of doing business in South Australia are stopping many companies from expanding and employing more people.”

A Marshall Liberal Government will:

  • Reduce the price of electricity;
  • Slash the Emergency Services tax;
  • Cut red tape and unnecessary regulation;
  • Support export businesses and encourage their growth;
  • Foster entrepreneurialism;
  • Invest in productive infrastructure; and,
  • Support growth opportunities for our regional businesses and industries.

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