Weatherill’s billion dollar black-hole

The collapse of the Weatherill Government’s development plans for the old Royal Adelaide Hospital will again see taxpayers out of pocket as this incompetent government limps from one economic failure to another.

“A decade after announcing the closure of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital the Weatherill Government has created a billion dollar black-hole on one of Australia’s most valuable development sites,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

On October the 16th last year Jay Weatherill promised:

The transformation of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site will be one of the largest redevelopments of its type in the State’s history, creating thousands of jobs and generating an estimated $7.5 billion of economic activity

“The Premier’s abject failure to deliver on his promise is a shocking indictment on Labor’s ability to deliver major urban regeneration,” said Mr Marshall.

“Jay Weatherill must reveal exactly how much South Australian taxpayers will be out of pocket after this latest fiasco.

“In the recent past the Weatherill Government has paid the nRAH developers $69 million, the Adelaide City Council $20 million for the Gillman fiasco, three developers $10 million for not building a prison, Newport Quays $5.9 million for that failure and $3.15 million for pulling out of the courts precinct re-development.

“Taxpayers money pours through the Weatherill Government’s hands like sand through a child’s fingers.

“What should be a jewel in Adelaide’s crown is now at risk of becoming another Le Cornu site fiasco.

“The South Australian public has been promised a myriad of different developments on the seven hectare site by Labor.

“The seven hectare site will only fulfil its rich potential with the right mixture of integrated commercial and cultural developments.

“The Weatherill Government is oblivious to the basic laws of economics.”

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