Vlahos books up next year's leave

Embattled Minister Leesa Vlahos is more interested in booking in leave for next year than taking responsibility for the Oakden scandal.


According to the Government Gazette, Minister Vlahos will be absent from 8 July to 17 July, 19 August to 27 August, and 31 December 2017 to 14 January 2018.

“The families of abused Oakden residents and the South Australian public will be white-hot with anger at the Minister booking in leave at the end of this year, despite refusing to resign in the wake of the Oakden Report,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“With Premier Weatherill leaving to attend the Port Adelaide game in China, it’s not surprising that Minister Vlahos has booked in leave into next year, instead of doing her job.

“Minister Vlahos is the only Minister to book in leave for next year.

“It’s up to the Minister to now disclose what she will be doing with those 34 days of leave.

“If Minister Vlahos refuses to be upfront about the timing of booking this leave and the reasons for the leave, it will beg the question, ‘what does she have to hide?’.

“Some of South Australia’s most vulnerable citizens have been shockingly let down by the Weatherill Labor Government, but the Premier and Minster have refused to take responsibility.” 

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