Unlocking SA's export potential

The State Liberals have committed $12.8 million in funding to open new trade offices in Japan, Malaysia, Dubai and the United States to improve South Australia’s export performance if elected at the March 2018 election.

Under a Marshall Liberal Government South Australia will have six trade offices in key markets complemented by SA trade representatives embedded with Austrade.

“South Australia desperately needs a change of export strategy if we are to grasp the jobs and investment opportunities other states are enjoying,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“South Australia will not return to its former level of prosperity without a substantial increase in what it sells to the rest of the world.

“Trade offices provide on the ground support for exporters enabling them to develop the deeper, longer term engagements necessary to prosper in foreign markets.

“A stronger South Australian trade footprint in countries of the highest potential offer the prospect of increased jobs and investment at home.

“South Australians have watched our share of the nation’s merchandise exports drop from 7.4 per cent when Labor came to office to just 4 per cent this year as the Government closed down trade offices to save money.

“The Labor Government’s foolish decision to close trade offices has cost South Australia dearly.

“Had we retained our share of the export market there would be some $9 billion a year extra flowing into the state economy and tens of thousands of jobs for work starved South Australians.

“The State Liberal’s pledge of increased trade assistance is just one part of a comprehensive program to spark an export-led transformation of our stagnant economy.

“Globe Link’s plan for new road, rail and airport infrastructure will deliver a generational upgrade of South Australia freight infrastructure.

“The faster and cheaper South Australia’s world class product can get to international markets the greater the return to our farmers and manufacturers and the more jobs.”  

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