Turning around the economy is a full-time job

The State Liberals are very concerned about the fall in full-time jobs in South Australia during the last month.

The number of South Australian in full-time employment fell by 1.8 per cent to 536,000 in the month of December.

“A Marshall Liberal Government is going to put in place the policies that creates full-time work opportunities for South Australians,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“South Australian households and businesses need tax relief, lower electricity prices and a cut in their ESL bills if they are going to stimulate the flagging economy and create new jobs.

“If we want to halt the exodus of young people interstate they need full-time jobs so they can buy a house, raise a family and buy a new car.

“Since the Labor Government promised to create 100,00 new jobs in 2010 only 26,764 more people employed and just 2,830 of those jobs are full-time.

“The failure to create new jobs is the reason why South Australia has such a low participation rate which bounces along at around 62 per cent whereas the national rate sit well above 65 per cent.

“South Australia’s low participation rate disguises the depth of the employment problems in our state.

“Indeed a quick look at South Australia’s very high underemployment and under-utilisation rate illustrate what a struggle it is for many people to make ends meet.

“South Australia’s lack of work is constantly raised with me as a critical issue for people.

“We need a change of government so that the focus is returned to creating full-time opportunities for South Australians in order to keep our young people here.”

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