Tourism in South Australia reaches record $6.7 billion

South Australia’s tourism appeal continues to grow, with the state attracting more visitors than ever before, whilst notching up a record $6.7 billion in visitor expenditure. 


The Marshall Liberal Government has welcomed the latest International Visitor Survey results, which show South Australia is outperforming its interstate counterpartswith a 9 per cent increase in international visitors along with a 10 per cent increase to visitor expenditure. 

China led the growth – with expenditure up 32 per cent to a record $415 millionThe United States of America, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom also recorded strong growth.  

“Solid growth in bookings has been achieved through marketing campaigns with a focus on traditional and emerging markets, along with strong partnerships with airlines and industry working together,” said Acting Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Dan van Holst Pellekaan.  

“Tourism is big business for SA  attracting a record 6.9 million visitors who are fueling the economy, creating jobs in our state and putting tourism dollars into the pockets of our tourism operators. 

“Competition is fierce across Australia and internationally to attract visitors – it’s terrific to see we are above the national averages but we can’t get complacent, we have a lot of work to do to hit our target of $8 billion by 2020 

“We also need to start looking beyond 2020 – that’s why we are focused on the regions, meeting with those at the coal face of tourism, identifying areas where we can do better, establishing new opportunities while still backing our strengths.  

“The Marshall Liberal Government is getting on with the job and finding ways to attract new visitors and new opportunities to create jobs and boost our economy.  

South Australian Tourism Commission Chief Executive Rodney Harrex said the feedback we’re receiving about the current state of tourism from our operators and trade partners is very encouraging 

“Our appeal as a destination has never been higher, with our marketing activitiesworld-class events and tourism offerings leaving lasting impressions,” said Mr Harrex 

“The South Australian Tourism Commission has an ongoing strategy to promote South Australia and growth in our $6.7 billion visitor economy showwe’re headed in the right direction, but we have to keep the momentum going to meet our 2020 target.” 

For more information on the National and International Visitor Survey visit 

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