Storm Boy showcasing film production and the Coorong

An Australian iconic tale which is being released nationally in cinemas today will not only connect audiences with a part of South Australia’s breathtaking landscape and coastline but also reveal the state’s world-class film production capabilities.

The remake of the Colin Thiele classic story Storm Boy, was predominantly filmed in the Coorong last year with production based at the Adelaide Studios in Glenside and included work by internationally-renowned, local visual effects company, Resin.

Through the South Australian Film Corporation, the State Government contributed $1.5 million towards the production of the film that generated about $5.7 million in spending for the state.

Minister for Industry and Skills, David Pisoni said close to 300 South Australians were employed in the film’s production, representing 86 percent of the entire cast and crew.

“I have seen this movie and congratulate those involved in such an outstanding world-class production that hopefully will lead to more being shot here in South Australia,” he said.

“The diversity and incredibly high-calibre of the film industry in South Australia is globally recognised with local companies that regularly work on significant films of Australian and international origin that are making a name for themselves.

“These companies are going from strength to strength and are doing phenomenal work.”

Minister Pisoni said the Marshall Liberal Government supports the film industry which it regards as an important component of South Australia’s creative arts economy.

“Our creative industries provide strong foundations for the cultural, social and economic fabric of South Australia,” he said.

“Their art-forms and practices make a larger contribution to our economy than some traditional industry groups.”

Minister Pisoni said he would rate this movie five-out-of-five stars and encourages South Australians to support it and recommended it to their family and friends.

“This latest production of Storm Boy is worthy of our support and as South Australians, I am confident that it will make us feel proud of this achievement,” he said.

“This movie deserves our stamp of approval and to encourage further growth of the local film industry through the production of more feature films here in South Australia.”

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