Statement regarding nRAH and its associated contracts

“The State Government has inherited the significant problems created by the former Labor government’s incompetence and mismanagement of the nRAH project and associated contracts.


“Sadly, it is another part of the financial mess which the new Government will have to clean up.

“The Government confirms that it is working cooperatively with Celsus and Celsus’ subcontractor Spotless as part of a formal process to explore the feasibility of resetting the operating model at the Royal Adelaide Hospital as a consequence of the well-known challenges associated with the hospital’s operating environment.

“The parties are working together to progress resolution of the various operational matters in order to best utilise the capacity of the hospital. Some progress has been made to date.

“Since the new Royal Adelaide Hospital opened just under a year ago in September 2017, there is now a greater understanding of the actual operating requirements of the new facility and its constraints.

“All parties are committed to finding solutions that provide better outcomes for patients and ensures a sustainable commercial arrangement going forward.

“Our aim is to ensure that the world-class new Royal Adelaide Hospital can successfully deliver the highest level of healthcare to the people of South Australia.”

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