State Liberals commit to Renew the Repat

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will take action to guarantee the Repat Hospital site remains a health care precinct. 

A Marshall Liberal Government will issue a Ministerial Development Plan Amendment that will zone the site for health care services.


This action will override moves by the Weatherill Labor Government to allow the site to be used for other purposes such as housing.


“A Marshall Liberal Government is committed to renewing the Repat and will guarantee that the Repat site remains a health precinct,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“The Weatherill Government’s Transforming Health plan has been an unmitigated disaster.


“Premier Weatherill has dumped the toxic brand but is pushing ahead with the key Transforming Health budget cut – closing the Repat.


“The Government is pushing ahead with plans to flog off the Repat and allow the land to be divided up for housing.


“If Premier Weatherill has his way it’s only a matter of time until the bulldozers move in and flatten the Repat site so it can be converted into another housing development.


“The veterans and the broader community in the southern suburbs rely on the health care services provided at the Repat. A Liberal Government will guarantee that the community continues to have access to health care services at the Repat site.


“South Australia’s health services, particularly in the Southern metropolitan health network, cannot afford to lose the valuable assets at the Repat.


“We will remove the Weatherill Government’s prohibition of public services on the Repat site and ensure SA Health works with ACH to explore best-use, best-value services in the health precinct, including SA Health public services.


“The Repat site must be maintained as a health precinct even if the Repat Hospital is closed by the Weatherill Government and even if ACH takes ownership of the site.


“The Repat site has substantial quality health facilities which have been built or refurbished at the expense of taxpayers in recent years.


“It would be a huge waste of taxpayers’ money to jeopardise these quality health facilities just so the Weatherill Government can make a quick buck by flogging off the Repat site for housing.” 

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