State Government investing in better services for South Australians living with Borderline Personality Disorder

The Marshall Government is delivering on its election commitment to support South Australians with borderline personality disorder (BPD) by establishing a specialised statewide BPD Service.


People living with BPD can experience devastating work, family and social life impact – including distressing emotional states, difficulty in relating to other people and a tendency to self-harm, including suicide.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade,said a centrally-located site with easy access had been identified for the new BPD Centre of Excellence, and negotiations to secure the site were underway.

“The Marshall Liberal Government will provide $10 million funding over four years in the upcoming 2018-19 State Budget to operate the BPD Service,” said Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“Improving the mental health of South Australians managing psychiatric illness is one of the most important health policy objectives of the new State Government.

“With up to 68,000 South Australians experiencing BPD, it’s critical that we establish a coordinated, statewide response that offers effective support for people grappling with this illness.”

The BPD Service will include the following elements:

  • BPD Centre of Excellence: A service hub in close vicinity to the Adelaide CBD.
  • Clinical Service: Hubs within statewide local health networks, will be established to enable dedicated medical, nursing and allied health staff to focus on people with severe BPD.
  • Services for at-risk clients with severe and complex BPD: Dedicated acute, outpatient, and evidence-based therapeutic services for people with severe BPD.
  • Family, Carer and Recovery Supports: Funding for clients, their families and carers including assistance with casework, housing and employment services.
  • Early Years and New Mothers Program: Hospital and outpatient services, including at Helen Mayo House, for mothers of infants and young children who have BPD.
  • Young People Program: Support for young people at risk of developing BPD.

This initiative is a part of the State Government’s commitment to address the mental health needs of South Australians with the same urgency as other health issues, and over time, rebalance resources towards mental health services.

The statewide BPD service includes dedicated acute services for people with severe and complex BPD who are often at severe risk of suicide.

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