Speed-up for set-up and pull-down of Adelaide 500

The State Liberals will accelerate the erection and dismantling of the Victoria Park grandstands for the Adelaide 500.

“The snails’ pace at which the temporary grandstands go up and come down in Victoria Park is symptomatic of a Labor Government that is old, tired and arrogant,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Victoria Park is a fabulous asset for the people of Adelaide but the exceedingly long lead times for putting up and pulling down the grandstands renders a large part of it inaccessible for a substantial part of the year.

“The Adelaide 500 is a great event but there is no need for Victoria Park to be a construction site for six months of the year.

“In contrast to the Weatherill Government that can’t even get the basics right a Marshall Government will be paying attention to detail.

“Often when I come here during the six months the stands are being put up and pulled down there is barely a sole on-site working.

“With 144,000 South Australians unemployed or underemployed there are a lot of people who would be grateful for the chances to get a bit of short term work.

“Labor has wasted money hand over fist on political advertising, bureaucratic junkets and ministerial spin doctors.

The temporary Adelaide 500 grandstand in Victoria Park currently takes 25 weeks to be erected, dismantled and removed.

The Liberal Party promise of an additional payment of $1 million over four years will cut that from 25 weeks to 21 weeks.

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