South Australia to put its hand up for new pilot small business employee initiative

Making South Australia the most business friendly state in Australia is one step closer as the South Australian Government puts its hand up for a new pilot initiative aimed at encouraging small business owners to employ their first person.

“South Australia welcomes the opportunity to be a pilot state for this new Commonwealth initiative that supports small business owners to grow their business by employing a member of staff,” said Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni.

“Today’s COAG Industry and Skills Council in Perth is a welcome opportunity to discuss our state’s involvement in this initiative as well as the South Australian Government’s priorities in terms of cutting payroll tax for small businesses, and improving the ability of SA businesses to compete for and win government contracts.

“Having a background in small business and employing apprentices, I understand that one of the hardest decisions is to employ the first person in a business. In my business, I was apprehensive about taking on my first employee, but once I did I never looked back.

“Once that hurdle has been overcome, taking on new employees becomes much easier.

“Business owners have identified several barriers to taking on a first employee, such as the risks of employee suitability, fluctuations in the level of business activity, compliance obligations and the nature of business growth not matching government processes.

“We want to break those barriers down for small business owners who are apprehensive about employing their first person, reduce the red tape associated with doing so and provide them with much-needed support.

“We want to ensure the process is much easier, that they have assistance when it comes to tax, liability insurance, annual leave and training employees – all things that can be overwhelming for a small business owner.

“Initiatives such as this, along with support for payroll and land taxes is a first step in helping them to grow their businesses and creating jobs for our communities.

“South Australia is putting its hand up for this pilot scheme to ensure we are at the forefront of doing business.

“We want to be a first-mover when it comes to supporting our small businesses who provide such an impact on our economy.

“Securing this pilot initiative would be a win for our businesses and a win for our communities.”

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