South Australia records strong jobs growth in May

The Marshall Liberal Government has today welcomed the 1,100 increase in South Australians in jobs, with the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate down from 5.9 to 5.6 per cent in May.

The trend unemployment rate also dropped to 5.7 per cent.

The total number of South Australians employed is now at a record high, with 842,600 people in work. South Australia continues to have the third lowest unemployment rate of the states.

This is against a backdrop of the participation rate remaining steady at a five year high of 62.9 per cent.

Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni has welcomed the results, saying the drop in unemployment is a strong indicator of broader confidence in the Marshall Government’s economic reform agenda.

“This is an encouraging result, but we know there’s a significant amount of work still to be done to lower costs for businesses and drive further economic growth and investment in South Australia,’’ said Minister for Industry and Skills David Pisoni.

“We were elected on a platform of more jobs, lower costs and better services, and with private investment growing at 7.3 per cent, that’s what we are delivering,” Minister Pisoni said.

“We are getting on with our key commitments to reduce the cost of living by cutting Emergency Services Levy (ESL) bills and capping council rate increases, and encouraging small businesses to grow by abolishing payroll tax for small businesses.”

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