Sneaky Labor tries to deny SA fair boundaries

South Australians may be denied fair electoral boundaries after the Weatherill Labor Government devised a sneaky scheme to manipulate state elections.

On the final sitting day of State Parliament before the 2018 State Election, the Weatherill Labor Government, with the support of minor parties and independents, removed the ‘fairness’ provision from the Constitution Act 1934.

Under current arrangements South Australia’s electoral boundaries are re-drafted after every election so that the party that wins more than 50 per cent of the two-party preferred vote should form government.

“As soon as a fair set of state electoral boundaries were introduced in December last year the Labor Party began devising ways to undo them,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Labor only received 47 per cent of the two party preferred vote at the 2014 State Election and yet the Labor Party was able to form government.

“South Australians deserve the government that they vote for – not an unrepresentative group of people more interested in themselves than our state.”

In December 2016 the independent South Australian Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission published the boundaries for the 2018 State Election.

The South Australian Labor Party contested the Boundaries Commission ruling in the South Australian Supreme Court. Labor’s appeal was rejected by all five judges sitting on the full bench.

“Instead of debating legislation to increase government transparency and accountability, the Weatherill Labor Government used the final parliamentary sitting day before the State Election to thumb their noses at South Australians and the Supreme Court,” said Mr Marshall.

“Labor’s desperate changes to how electoral boundaries are created speak volumes about what they are focused on.

“South Australian Labor MPs stand up for themselves, not the people of South Australia.

“Our state needs a government that gets on with representing South Australians instead of looking for ways to cling to power.

“It’s time for a change of government in South Australia.”

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