Shopping around for extended hours

The State Liberal Government has revealed yet another example of a retailer hoping to circumvent South Australia’s antiquated shop trading hours laws in the lead up to Christmas.


A Foodland retailer in Thebarton has again asked the State Government to allow it to trade for extended hours at the end of the year.

In June of this year this independent retailer at Foodland Thebarton was given an exemption to allow it to trade from 9.00am and up to 8.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

This retailer wanted to trade for extended hours because he believed that local roadworks had impacted on his business.

Now that the roadworks have concluded this independent retailer has asked the Government to not only allow extended trading hours on weekends but also to allow extended trading on public holidays as well.

It is clear the independent retailer believes it is in the best interests of his business and his customers that he trade for extended hours to the end of the year.

This request follows the State Government agreeing to allow Drakes Foodland on Goodwood Road to trade for extended hours during the Royal Adelaide Show.

“These requests show how silly and out of touch our shop trading laws are,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“If retailers want to trade, their workers are prepared to work, and their customers want to shop then why should our silly shop trading hours stop them.

“Retailers shouldn’t have to come to the Minister on every occasion to seek a special exemption.

“However, on this occasion, in my view, under the current legislation I can’t approve the request to extend trading hours.

“The Marshall Government’s proposed new trading hours laws before the Parliament at the moment would allow these independent retailers to trade whenever they wanted without having to seek an exemption from the Minister.”

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