Serious questions for Jay Weatherill over Oakden

Premier Jay Weatherill must answer serious questions regarding the Oakden scandal which has engulfed his government.

Will Mr Weatherill release a copy of the 2008 letter to him as Minister for Ageing which warned of ‘serious issues impinging on consumer and staff safety, staffing…’ at Oakden?

What actions, if any, did Mr Weatherill take in responding to these warnings about Oakden?

When did Mr Weatherill become aware that Leesa Vlahos had initiated action with the intention of preventing ICAC making a report on what happened at Oakden?

Did he have any discussions with Leesa Vlahos before or after she initiated her action which delayed the finalisation of the ICAC report?

Did he specifically ask Mrs Vlahos not to proceed with her action?

Why did he tell Parliament on 30 May 2017 that the Government would provide ‘full cooperation’ with the ICAC inquiry when it refused a request by ICAC for access to Cabinet documents?

Does Mr Weatherill still claim that Minister Vlahos shone a light on what happened at Oakden?

Why did Mr Weatherill not sack Leesa Vlahos after she failed to read a preliminary report by the Chief Psychiatrist in February 2017 and did not read the Chief Psychiatrist’s full report until almost a week after it was given to her office?

Why did Mr Weatherill not sack Minister Vlahos after she admitted her only contact with the Mental Health Commissioner about what happened at Oakden was a chance encounter with him at Bunnings?

Why did he tell Parliament on 10 May 2017 that after the Community Visitor escalated concern about the case of Mr Bob Spriggs, Minister Vlahos instituted ‘a forensic inquiry’ when that inquiry was not initiated until two months after the Community Visitor wrote to the Minister about the Spriggs case and even then, it was not the Minister who initiated the Chief Psychiatrist’s inquiry?

Why didn’t the Premier ask Minister Vlahos for further details regarding the initiation of the Oakden Inquiry after the Liberals asked more than 250 questions about the issue in the Parliament?

Why did the Premier ignore Ms Jackie Hanson’s evidence to the Transforming Health Select Committee that she was the person who initiated the Oakden Inquiry and not Minister Vlahos?

Does he agree with the ICAC’s view expressed in his report that ‘the government’s reasons for requiring these investigations to be in private are almost entirely political and are designed to limit the damage that might ensue when its own conduct and processes are subject to scrutiny in public’?

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