Scorching electricity prices

Analysis of AEMO data has confirmed South Australian wholesale spot electricity prices this January are double what they were in January 2017.

The figures also show that South Australia still has the highest prices in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

“These prices demolish the Weatherill Government’s deceitful claim that its $550 million power plan is producing the lowest power prices in the National Electricity Market,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Jay Weatherill is rightly terrified of the public reaction to the electricity bills that will hit South Australian households and businesses.

“South Australians are furious about the outrageous price of electricity they pay and tired of the Weatherill Government’s refusal to accept responsibility.

“Only a Marshall Liberal Government will deliver genuine electricity system reform and deliver lower bills for households and businesses.”

Premier Weatherill: “With wholesale prices now in South Australia the lowest of the eastern seaboard states.” – 7 News, 13 November 17.

Average wholesale spot price by region. Source: AEMO

REGION Jan-18 Jan-17
SA $168.90 $84.26
VIC $139.00 $62.04
TAS $100.54 $86.11
QLD $75.65 $197.65
NSW $75.36 $82.69


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