Schools to benefit from languages scholarships

Fifteen language teachers and six schools across South Australia have been awarded scholarship funding to enhance the teaching and learning of languages.

The scholarships, which form part of the State Government’s ‘Languages in Schools’ initiative, offer teachers the opportunity to take part in either a short language course in Australia or an in-country immersion, while also enabling schools to conduct in-country immersive study tours for students.

The scholarship recipients are from across the state and teach or study a variety of languages including Italian, Greek, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, German and Korean.

The program will offer up to 85 scholarships over four rounds until 2021.

Education Minister John Gardner said that both the teacher and student scholarship programs will help to reinvigorate the study of languages in schools.

“Learning a language has become increasingly important in a globalised market, and it is also beneficial for students’ overall academic development,” said Minister Gardner.

“These scholarships will give teachers and schools the opportunity to improve and reinvigorate the learning of languages in South Australian schools.

“Students and staff alike will have the opportunity for an authentic in-country experience to build linguistic proficiency and intercultural understanding.

“In-country learning experiences support languages programs and help maintain the momentum and enthusiasm of students learning a particular language.

“There is an increasing focus in many countries on growing their bilingual workforce, and we want South Australian students and teachers to take full advantage of that.

“South Australia is a proud multicultural state, and our diverse heritage should be harnessed to further drive our cultural development and economic growth.”

Scholarships for Language Teachers

Short course scholarship recipients

Erin Boyle (Auslan) - North Ingle School and Preschool
Seong-heui Anderson (Spanish) - School of Languages 
Elisa Phillips (Italian) - Modbury West Primary School
Lesley Hartup (Spanish) - Nicolson Avenue Primary School 
Alana Sharman (Spanish) - Craigmore High School

In-country immersion scholarships recipients

Jessica Salem (Italian) - Adelaide High School 
Dimitra Rozaklis (Modern Greek) - Adelaide High School
Ben Anderson (German) - School of Languages
Ebony Darkins (Spanish) - Lake Windemere B-7 School
Ashleigh Davis (Indonesian) - Keith Area School
Caroline Gray (Indonesian) - Port Lincoln Primary School
Johanna Walding (Indonesian) - Port Lincoln High School
Natasha Gilbert (Japanese) - West Beach Primary School
Belinda Brenen (Japanese) - Kidman Park Primary School
Mai Schloithe (Vietnamese) - Berri Primary School

Student scholarships in-country immersions

Craigmore High School - Destination: Spain
Norwood Morialta High School - Destination: China
Victor Harbor High School - Destination: Malaysia
Seaton High School - Destination: Japan
School of Languages - Destination: Korea
Golden Grove High School - Destination: Spain

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