Scene of the crime

Jay Weatherill will return to the scene of his most economically damaging failure when he visits Port Augusta today.

“Jay Weatherill forced the Northern Power Station to close prematurely and all South Australian electricity bills to rise when he refused to invest just $8 million a year to keep it operating,” said Shadow Minister for Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Since Jay Weatherill shut down the Northern Power Station average household electricity bills have skyrocketed by 30 per cent.

“If the Port Augusta power station had been allowed to operate for three more years as part of smart transition towards renewable energy, we would have avoided sky rocketing prices and blackouts.

“Many businesses have been hit with much larger increases in their price of power reducing the level of investment and the number of jobs being created in South Australia.

“During January South Australian businesses have again endured the highest spot electricity prices and highest forward contract prices in the NEM.

“South Australian businesses operating on the spot market have been paying an average of $178 per megawatt during January whilst businesses in New South Wales have been paying just $72 per megawatt.

“Given the massive price difference between South Australia and New South Wales it is little wonder that Jay Weatherill has back flipped on his position regarding an interconnector between NSW and SA.

“Yesterday Jay Weatherill admitted that an interconnector with NSW is now a medium term priority.

“When the Liberal Party announced an interconnector to NSW as part of our energy policy Jay Weatherill derided it as no more than a ‘big extension cord’.

“Of course before the Liberal Party announced its plans for an interconnector Jay Weatherill supported the idea.

“Jay Weatherill’s ever-changing position on an interconnector with NSW reflects his acute political embarrassment as a result of his disastrous decision to close down the Northern Power Station.”

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