Safe driving and vigilance as students return to school

South Australian motorists are being reminded to take extra care on the state’s roads today as thousands of students return to school after their mid-year break.


Minister for Police, Correctional Services and Emergency Services Corey Wingard is encouraging all road users to take extra care and remain vigilant when many students will be walking, riding their bikes or alighting from trams, trains and buses to get to school.

“We want to see everyone arrive at their destination safely, both at school or a workplace, by looking out for each other and being aware of who is sharing the road with you,” said Minister Wingard.

“Children can be unpredictable and impulsive especially after not having seen their friends for some time and a heightened level of awareness will especially be required this morning.”

Motor Accident Commission (MAC) Road Safety Communications Manager, Matt Hanton, added that young children are particularly vulnerable on South Australia’s roads while they are still developing their ability to judge speed and the distance of moving vehicles.

“It is vital for drivers to be alert at all times and to make smart choices on the road, particularly with increased activity around schools,” he said.

Minister Wingard also encouraged parents and caregivers to lead by example, as children will often observe their behaviours.

“It is important for parents and caregivers to use designated crossings and parking spaces, avoid being distracted while driving and to make choices that children should follow,” said Minister Wingard.

“Road safety around schools is everyone’s responsibility, not just students’, parents’ and teachers’.”

There is also a requirement to slow down to 25km when going through school zones and passing a school bus that is collecting or dropping-off children.

“We all need to share the road, and school drop-offs and pick-ups can already be challenging enough,” said Minister Wingard.

When compared with last year, road trauma results for 2018 so far reflect a positive, and significant decrease in the number of fatalities and serious injuries on South Australian roads.

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