SA throws its support behind the NEG

Premier Steven Marshall today called on all states to give their support to the National Energy Guarantee at COAG on Friday.


“The NEG represents Australia’s best chance of delivering cheaper electricity and lower emissions after a decade of disastrous energy policy,” Premier Steven Marshall said.

“The NEG has unprecedented support from consumer groups, small business, industry and renewable and traditional energy companies.  

“On Friday Australia’s State and Territory Governments have the opportunity to join with the Federal Government to end a decade of division and policy deadlock that has sent electricity prices sky rocketing.

“We need to take the politics out of power and lockdown a sensible national framework.

“I’m particularly concerned that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has decided to throw a spanner in the works just days before the COAG meeting.

“The time for playing politics with energy policy is well are truly over. People are fed up with it.

“The design of the NEG is fundamentally the same as it was in April when the States agreed to press ahead with the details.

“The NEG ends expensive subsidies for renewable energy at a time when renewables can stand on their own two feet.

“The Premier of Victoria needs to reflect on how South Australia’s disastrous embrace of a radical green agenda delivered the most expensive and least reliable electricity in the nation.

“South Australian taxpayers have been forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on diesel generators to stabilise our energy grid because of the former Labor Government’s reckless pursuit of renewable energy.

“The NEG offers a practical means of further lowering emissions whilst also reigning in runaway electricity prices.

“All Australian Governments need to put long-suffering consumers before and perceived political advantage.”


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