SA Health needs a single, accountable Minister

The State Liberals are demanding that Premier Jay Weatherill consolidate the Health, Mental Health and Ageing portfolios into one Ministry in today’s Cabinet reshuffle.

South Australia’s health system is in complete and utter chaos and desperately needs a strong, accountable Minister who can coordinate Government policy in a coherent fashion.

Under a Marshall Liberal Government there will be a single minister responsible for SA Health.

“The Weatherill Government’s ad hoc, piecemeal approach to health has been a total failure and needs to come to an end,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Having three Ministers responsible for the Department of Health is a recipe for buck-passing, indecision and policy paralysis.

“The fact patients with mental health issues are still being stranded in hospital emergency departments because of lack of mental health beds illustrates the importance of having the two portfolios under the control of one minister.

“South Australia’s health system has been in freefall for years because of the lack of Ministerial accountability under the Weatherill Government.

“Under the Weatherill Government we’ve seen a series of unforgivable blunders including the ongoing Oakden scandal, record levels of ambulance ramping and patient waiting times, massive cost blow outs and time delays, the downgrading of Emergency Departments and the planned closure of the Repat.

“The Health portfolio is a complex area and needs one Minister at the helm to provide certainty and direction.

“Jay Weatherill has the chance to begin undoing the enormous damage he has inflicted on the South Australian health system.”

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