SA Government welcomes Federal GST funding 'no worse-off guarantee'

The Marshall Liberal Government has today welcomed a commitment by the Federal Government which will ensure no state or territory will be worse-off under its proposed changes to current GST funding arrangements.



Treasurer Rob Lucas said he and Premier Steven Marshall had made it clear the State Government would not support any GST funding change that would disadvantage South Australia.


Mr Lucas wrote to Federal colleagues last week respectfully urging them to support an amendment to the proposed legislation which would enshrine the ‘no worse-off guarantee’ commitment in law. 


“We welcome today’s announcement by the Federal Treasurer that the no worse-off guarantee amendment will be written into the proposed legislation,” said Treasurer Lucas.


“We are advised the guarantee will apply until 2026-27 when a Productivity Commission inquiry will be conducted.


“This is a win for South Australia, and indeed the other states and territories, and will ensure we have funding certainty in the years to come.  


“We have been advised other State Treasurers (both Labor and Liberal) from NSW, Victoria and Tasmania have already indicated their support.


“We have also given our broad support to the proposal subject to seeing the final details of the amendment.


“Whilst SA would prefer to remain with the current GST deal arrangements, we acknowledge the fact that the Federal Government and Federal Parliament have the ultimate power to change this deal without the support of states and territories.


“This welcome move by the Federal Government has demonstrated the value of the collective action of the Board of Treasurers, which comprises Treasurers from all states and territories.”


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