SA drops another rung on the economic ladder

In another blow to the Weatherill Government’s economic credentials South Australia has fallen below Tasmania in the CommSec State of the States January 2018 Report released today.

“The failed policies of this tired, 16 year old Weatherill Labor Government have now seen South Australia slip to fifth on the overall ranking,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“Alarmingly, South Australia ranks as the second and third worst state in the country for population growth and economic growth respectively.

“This inept and ineffective Weatherill Government has South Australia going backwards.

“Last year around 6,000 of South Australia’s best and brightest left South Australia for greener pastures interstate and this dysfunctional Labor Government has no plan to stop the brain drain.

“There are around 140,000 people in South Australia who can’t find work or want more work and businesses are struggling to create jobs because they’re drowning under red tape, taxes and sky-rocketing costs like electricity, the ESL and other utilities.

“Tasmania is currently reaping the benefits of a majority Liberal Government with a reformist agenda and that’s exactly what we need here in South Australia to turn things around.

“The results speak for themselves, Tasmania’s Liberal Government has delivered a host of reforms to lower unemployment, grow their economy and drive investment.

“Only a Marshall Liberal Government will be able to deliver these outcomes for South Australia by creating the right environment for businesses to thrive and support job creation.

“The State Liberals are committed to lowering the tax burden on businesses and that’s why we’ve successfully blocked Labor’s harmful car park tax and their proposed $417 million state bank tax.

“We also have a plan to further reduce the cost of doing business by slashing energy costs through our Liberal Energy Solution, cut the ESL tax by $360 million and cap council rates.

“The Weatherill Government and SA Best are devoid of any plan to create jobs in South Australia, lower the cost of living or improve frontline services.”

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