SA deserves a genuine policy debate

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has challenged his political opponents to make today’s SA Press Club debate a contest of ideas.

“After 16 years of dysfunctional Labor Government South Australia finds itself at the bottom of the pack and that’s why next month’s state election is the most important in a generation,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“South Australia needs a change of government and one which has a comprehensive plan to deliver real change for our state and that’s what should be at the heart of the debate today.

“Today’s debate should be a contest of ideas and all parties should lay out their plans to deliver on the important issues that matter to all South Australians.

“The State Liberals have announced comprehensive and positive plans to create jobs, lower costs and deliver better services.

“If elected in March we will create jobs and lower costs by slashing $360 million off ESL bills, capping council rates, delivering the Liberal Energy Solution to cut power bills, deregulating shop trading hours, delivering our billion dollar Recharging Our Regions package and fix the damaged health system caused by Labor’s Transforming Health cuts.

“These are just some of the positive plans the State Liberals have announced to deliver real change for South Australia.

“It’s clear that Labor’s plans have failed South Australia and they can’t be trusted to fix the mess they’ve created in health, energy or employment.

“The same goes for Nick Xenophon’s SA Best who don’t even have a plan.

“Nick Xenophon’s SA Best doesn’t have any policies to create jobs, to reduce the cost of living, to cut red tape and taxes, to fix our health system, to improve education services, to grow our exports or to tackle the scourge of drugs.”

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