Royal Adelaide Hospital resuscitation trauma

The incoming Marshall Government has been informed by SA Health that the new Royal Adelaide
Hospital’s Resuscitation/Trauma Rooms are not fit for purpose creating risks to patient outcomes
and staff safety.

“It is staggering that a hospital costing $2.3 billion, that was 17 months overdue and $600 million
over budget has resuscitation rooms that are too small,” said Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“In the short term minor structural modification in two of the resuscitation Rooms involving repositioning
and relocating equipment are being undertaken to improve the ability of the RAH to deal
with Level 1 trauma.

“But the advice makes clear in the longer term the creation of two larger Resuscitation/Trauma
Rooms must be considered.

“The modification of two existing rooms would require major structural work, involving architects,
engineers and builders at a substantial cost to taxpayers.

“When concerns have been raised in the past, the Labor Government fobbed them and did not
disclose that taxpayers face significant costs.

“It is outrageous that the former Health Minister and future Labor Opposition Leader Peter
Malinauskas hid this serious flaw in the new hospital.

“Once again the future Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas has failed to be upfront about serious
problems in the health system under his watch.

“Peter Malinauskas needs to come out of hiding and explain why he suppressed this critical

“It is extremely disappointing that just six months after the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has been
opened the incoming State Government will need to assess the need for major modifications.”

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is one of the two major Trauma Services designated to care for
South Australia’s most severely injured patients.

It provides emergency, trauma and critical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, treating
approximately 1,800 trauma patients per year. This equates to about 70 per cent of the state’s major
trauma cases.

The RAH covers most of South Australia, is the major trauma referral centre for Alice Springs and
regularly acts as the major trauma referral centre for patients from the remainder of the Northern
Territory, western Victoria (Mildura) and western New South Wales (Broken Hill).

The Trauma Service at the RAH operates as a 24/7 multidisciplinary team which works to provide
high-level care to all trauma patients.

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