Retail Energy Competition Review Highlights Consumer Anger

The findings of the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Retail Energy Competition Review confirm that affordability of energy remains a major concern for South Australians.

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the Marshall Government had identified affordability, reliability and security as priorities when designing our energy policy.

“Consumers are undoubtedly feeling that past reforms to the energy market have let them down,” Mr van Holst Pellakaan said.

“South Australians want greater simplicity in their power bills, more certainty and most of all they want cheaper electricity bills.

“Using comparison web sites should be easier and consumers should find it simpler to move between retail contracts to find a much better deal.

“The Marshall Government’s energy policies will create more competition, provide more options for demand management and support for the take up of household batteries and grid scale storage.

“Delivering on our election commitments as part of a consistent and integrated reform package is what is required to keep downward pressure on electricity prices.

“For 16 years, the cost of living went up and up under the previous Labor Government.

“We are going to change that for households and businesses and ensure that energy prices are more affordable and electricity is more reliable under this Government.

“The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry into residential electricity prices will shed further light on the issues facing energy users.

“I look forward to considering the ACCC’s findings alongside the outcomes of the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Retail Energy Competition Review.”

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