Recycling industry support package

The Marshall Liberal Government has today announced a $12.4 million support package for the recycling industry and local government in response to China’s National Sword Policy

The $12.4 million is made up of $2 million of additional expenditure, $5 million additional funding for a loan scheme together with targeted funding from the Green Industries SA budget to tackle this important issue:

• $5.8 million for infrastructure grants for local government and industry to maintain and build the capacity of South Australia’s recycling systems and reprocessing infrastructure specifically targeting infrastructure for post consumer paper, cardboard, glass and plastics

• A $5 million loan scheme to support projects with large capital requirements, which can have an immediate effect to increase local remanufacturing/reprocessing of targeted waste streams and job creation opportunities.

• $500,000 for transport subsidies recognising the barrier of high transport costs for recycling in regional areas.

• $300,000 for market development grants to stimulate an increase in the quality and market demand for recyclable materials and recycled content products.

• $800,000 for a state-wide Recycle Right® education campaign to maintain the community’s faith in the recycling process and help to reduce contamination levels through consistent messages which will ensure better quality recyclable material enters the recycling system.

“The State Government is today announcing a comprehensive $12.4 million support package to assist South Australia’s recycling industry, protect ratepayers from increased costs and support local jobs,” said Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs.

“We’ve developed a range of measures to enable industry investment in remanufacturing and local re-use, as well as improved sorting and processing to enhance the quality of recovered materials.

“Since China’s policy began the State Government has been consulting with key stakeholders to develop this package which aligns with the recent announcement by Ministers at a national level.

“While China’s National Sword Policy is a major disruptor to the sector there is also a significant opportunity to drive structural changes to enable a robust and sustainable recycling industry.

“Investment and development of new recycling infrastructure and technology is critical to maintain South Australia’s world class recycling performance by improving the quality of recyclable material.

“This opens up new higher value markets locally as well as overseas.

“Importantly we must maintain the community’s faith in the economic and environmental value of recycling and recycling correctly to minimise contamination.

“South Australia is recognised as national leader in recycling and waste management, achieving an overall 81.5% diversion rate.”

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) has welcomed the new South Australian Government taking action and providing financial support to industry to actively transition to create new markets in South Australia for recycled products.

“The importance of this transition has long been recognised by our sector, but following China’s National Sword announcements, the need for rapid change has been underlined in a thick black pen,” said CEO of WMAA Gayle Sloan.

“South Australia has led the nation in thinking circular and being willing to create new jobs.

“It is vital that industry receives funds to improve technology and capacity to process recyclables that previously would have gone elsewhere.

“We know that by processing recyclables in Australia we create one job for every tonne, as opposed to 0.3 if we landfill or trade.

“We look forward to working closely with the SA Government to create further opportunities for industry by introducing green public procurement and mandated recycled content.”

Guidelines on eligibility and how to access the new funding announced today are online here:

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