Re-activating the Repat site

The Marshall Liberal Government today announced that it will terminate the Weatherill Labor Government’s contract to sell the Repatriation General Hospital site.

Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade, said that the Liberal Government is delighted that it has succeeded in halting Labor’s push to dismantle the Repat as a health precinct.

“While Labor closed the Repatriation General Hospital, it has failed in its push to open up the land for wholesale redevelopment,” said Mr Wade.

“The site is rich in health assets which are still needed for health services for South Australians.

“At the election, South Australians showed their strong support for Steven Marshall’s plan to deliver a genuine health precinct on the Repat site.

“Terminating the contract will allow key assets to again be used to deliver public health services and be a core around which a genuine health precinct grows.

“Re-instating services at the Repat and ensuring it supports the wider health system was a key election commitment of the Marshall Liberal team and today is a key stage in delivering on the renewal of the Repat.

“The Liberal Government will shortly announce the future planning process and the reopening of key assets on the site.

“To protect this valuable health precinct going forward, I will be writing to the Environment and Resources Development Committee of the State Parliament and seek their support to narrow the future use of the site to health and related services purposes.

“I look forward to working with the community, clinicians and potential partners to explore the best use of this important site and deliver high quality health services well into the future.”

“It is important to stress that the termination of the contract reflects on the former Labor Government, not ACH.

“ACH was constrained by Labor’s sale process which specifically ruled out public health services on the site”.

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