Premier appoints new Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement

Premier Steven Marshall has announced the appointment of Dr Roger Thomas as the new Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement.


Dr Roger Thomas will succeed Harry Miller, whose resignation was respectfully accepted by the Premier. 

“I acknowledge the extensive community consultation activities Mr Miller has undertaken, his strong connections and experience with Aboriginal people in South Australia and his commitment to ensure access to government, non-government and private sector services,” said Premier Marshall.

“As his successor, Dr Thomas will bring to the role his wealth of community service and involvement through posts on state, national and international advisory committees and as the inaugural Professor of Indigenous Engagement at Adelaide University.”

Ahead of the 2018 Premier’s NAIDOC awards tonight Premier Marshall reiterated the State Government’s commitment to find more practical and timely ways to support our Aboriginal communities.

“I believe that right across government, we have to find more practical and timely ways to support our Aboriginal communities,” said Premier Marshall.

“I have asked all of my Ministers to discuss with their agencies, actions that can be taken to make a difference for Aboriginal people.

“I recognise that Aboriginal communities want a strong relationship with the Government, regular engagement and the opportunity to present their views to Ministers and to senior people in government agencies.

“Communities also want governance processes within their own communities to ensure that when they are engaging with the Government, the representation of their people’s views is effective.

“I believe we can do all of these things by working together to deliver practical outcomes in key areas such as economic participation, justice, health and education.

“The State Government will work with Aboriginal people in a collaborative, respectful, place-based manner to develop the mechanisms that enable this to happen.”

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