Planning to end transport chaos

The State Liberals have pledged to better coordinate public transport projects to avoid unnecessary inconvenience for commuters and cost blowouts for taxpayers if successful at the March state election.

“The fact the Weatherill Government will close the Grange and Outer Harbor train lines and the tram line to the Entertainment Centre at the same time is testimony to Labor’s increasing incompetence,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

“Labor’s refusal to incorporate a right-hand turn into the North Terrace tram extension adds insult to injury for South Australian commuters and taxpayers.

“Today marks a low point in the provision of public infrastructure during 16 years of Labor rule.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be the Minister for Transport in the Marshall Liberal Government I will guarantee politics is moved to the back of the carriage when it comes to public infrastructure decisions.

“The tram’s right-hand turn into North Terrace was abandoned because it didn’t suit Labor's political imperative to have a ribbon cutting ceremony on the extension to the old RAH site before the March state election.

“When it became apparent the inclusion of a right-hand turn would delay the project the plan was jettisoned to ensure it could be opened before the March state election.

“Indeed the Weatherill Government has thrown an additional $10 million at the North Terrace project to enable it to be opened before the state election but will force a future state government to incur substantial cost to correct its decision not to incorporate a right hand turn.

“Make no mistake Labor’s decision to cut the right hand-hand turn will need to be corrected in the future.

“The Weatherill Government’s woeful decision to prevent trams from turning right from King William Street into North Terrace will also require the intersection to be shut down for an even longer period of time in the future.

“This disgraceful waste of public money is what happens when governments put their political agenda before the needs of the public they are elected to serve.”

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