Payroll tax relief must be guaranteed for SA businesses

The State Liberals have reiterated calls for the Weatherill Government to guarantee payroll tax relief for businesses in South Australia now that the State Bank Tax has been dumped.

“Let’s be very clear – Tom Koutsantonis can provide payroll tax relief to South Australian businesses without the State Bank Tax,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Any suggestion otherwise from Tom Koutsantonis is complete nonsense.

“The Under Treasurer has confirmed to the Parliament that these payroll tax cuts can be made administratively, regardless of the fate of the State Bank Tax.

“It will be on Mr Koutsantonis’ head if South Australian businesses don’t receive payroll tax relief.

“South Australians are sick of this tricky Treasurer and the illogical arguments he persists with when it comes to the State Bank Tax, even though he’s been rolled on the tax.

“It’s time for Tom Koutsantonis to stop threatening South Australian businesses and instead provide payroll tax relief for the good of the South Australian economy.

“South Australian businesses and households knew that they would have ultimately paid if the new State Bank Tax passed into law.

“That’s why the State Liberals stood up for every South Australian and blocked the State Bank Tax.

“There is nothing stopping the Weatherill Government from still providing payroll tax relief for SA businesses which are crying out for cuts to this tax on employment, now that the State Bank Tax has been killed off.”

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