Parliamentary sitting schedule for 2018

The Marshall Government has today formally issued the sitting schedule for the first session of the 54th Parliament of South Australia, with more sitting days in an election year than after the previous three state elections.

“The opening day is Thursday 3 May, when the new Parliament will get to work with more sitting days in an election year than after the 2014, 2010, and 2006 elections under Labor,” said Leader of Government Business John Gardner.

“We have a significant legislative agenda to progress as we deliver on our commitments for more jobs, lower costs and better services for the people of South Australia.

“The Marshall Government is committed to openness and accountability.

“That’s why we have already committed to introducing a 30-day limit for answering questions on notice, which will bring SA in line with other states.

“The Marshall Government is also committed to ensuring that the Parliament has more sitting weeks than it did under the previous Labor administration. There will be 49 sitting days this year.

“This is an important step to improve accountability and bring to an end Labor’s abuse of the parliamentary process as typified by their refusal to answer hundreds upon hundreds of questions on notice over 16 years.

“Improving the openness and accountability of the SA Parliament will be complemented by the Marshall Government’s legislative agenda in respect of Shield Laws and open ICAC hearings into maladministration – measures opposed by Labor in the previous Parliament.

“The Marshall Government has a strong plan for real change, and that extends to ensuring the Parliament works effectively in the interests of every South Australian.

“We look forward to the opening of Parliament and the opportunity to work with all Members of Parliament to deliver the legislative reforms required to make South Australia prosper.”

Click to download a copy of the 2018 Parliamentary Sitting Program

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