New website to inspire older Australians to discover their own backyard

A new online portal is encouraging older people to better connect with local communities and discover the diverse parks and open spaces South Australia has to offer.


Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said in an Australian first, local seniors have partnered to develop Parkapiki, a user-friendly website listing parks, outdoor places, and events specifically designed to promote the health and wellbeing of older people by inspiring them to get outdoors.

“The website collates information on South Australia’s parks and open spaces, which until now has been scattered across a number of different state and local government platforms, and a plethora of recreation and tourism websites and brochures,” Minister Wade said. 

“The unique thing about the new Parkapiki website is that all content is user-generated. 

“Anyone can list an outdoor place, activity or event, search for and review parks from across South Australia, and interact online with like-minded people or groups. 

“Not only is it a great way to increase the number of visitors enjoying the state’s flora and fauna, but also is another option for older people to connect online no matter where there live. 

“As we recognise International Day of Older Persons tomorrow, I would like to congratulate Mr Adrian Adams and Mr Neil Mackenzie, the ‘seniorpreneurs’ who conceived Parkapiki and continue to develop it to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.” 

The concept of the Parkapiki website grew from last year’s D3 Digital Challenge funded by a grant from Office for the Ageing, supported by the Department for Environment and Water, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, and SA Health. 
Co-founder Mr Neil Mackenzie said from tomorrow, South Australians also have the chance to enter the first Winapiki competition, another feature of the website. 

“The competition aims to increase park visits by using geo-fencing technology, much like an online game, with prizes for the most original and appropriate online comments. 

“By placing a virtual boundary around a park, we can send notifications when someone enters the ‘hot-zone’. With the Parkapiki website open on their smart device, users can be prompted to comment on their outdoor experience and potentially win a prize”. 

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