New TAFE SA Board appointed

The State Government has today appointed a new TAFE SA Board, made up of seven Directors
charged with ensuring the quality and good governance of the public training provider.

“This iteration of the TAFE SA Board will be in place for up to six months, as an exhaustive
recruitment process for a new board is undertaken to ensure the best and brightest people are
appointed to oversee a new era for TAFE in South Australia,” said Minister for Education John

“The State Government will ensure that the new TAFE SA Board is well-equipped with people who
have the relevant skills and experience to provide the good governance that is required within the
entire TAFE organisation.”

The current chair of the board, Ms Joanne Denley will remain on the interim board, while the CE of
the Department for Education Mr Rick Persse will assume the role of interim chair.

The other board members come from across the senior levels of the South Australian public sector.

“It’s imperative that the quality of training and the governance of TAFE SA is never under question,
and that’s why the board must play a pivotal role in setting the direction of the organisation,” said Mr

“Appointing a new board is an important step towards restoring the reputation of TAFE SA, which is
critically important for students, industry, and TAFE SA staff.”

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