New sector taskforce to be formed to address housing and homelessness

The State Government will form a new sector and industry taskforce to help develop a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for South Australia. 

The announcement comes as about 80 key members of the local housing and homelessness sector met today to discuss ways the sector can work together to find better housing outcomes for vulnerable and low income South Australians.

A key goal of the industry forum is to strengthen partnerships across the sector, and with government, which is critical to the creation and ongoing implementation of a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy for the state. 

The new strategy will seek to improve outcomes across the entire housing continuum – crisis homelessness services; social housing; affordable housing; and the general housing market and will focus on both helping people who need assistance now, and on prevention. 

“We need to reform the way we address housing challenges in this state, and the new Housing and Homelessness Strategy will be an integral part of this reform,” said Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink. 

“Our reform efforts will only be successful if there are strong partnerships across the sector and with government, to support a modern, multi-provider housing system. 

“Today’s forum is the start of the engagement process. There will be broad engagement with the sector and the community next year. 

“Our ultimate goal is to provide customers with better and easier pathways through the housing and homelessness system, to achieve better housing outcomes. 

“The SA Housing Authority is committed to resetting the relationship between government and the sector, and working in genuine partnership to improve housing outcomes for vulnerable and low income South Australians.” 

Forum attendees will represent all areas of the housing and homelessness sector, including peak housing and homelessness bodies, housing industry groups and non-government housing and support organisations. 

The new taskforce will be chaired by SA Housing Trust Board Presiding Member Gary Storkey.

Mr Storkey said the taskforce would bring together key representatives from across the housing and homelessness sector to support the development of the strategy. 

“This approach will ensure that the sector is central to the development of a strategy that will redefine and reform housing in South Australia over the next 10 years,” he said. 

“All stakeholders, including the broader community, will have an opportunity to participate in a broad engagement process to shape the new strategy.” 

The taskforce is set to be established in December.

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