20 Dec 2017

$8.7 million for Strathalbyn aged care services

The State Liberals today made a major health announcement, with an $8.7 million commitment to aged care accommodation and services in Strathalbyn and the surrounding area.

19 Dec 2017

Liberals to reform key fisheries

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will reform South Australia’s Marine Scale Fish industry to unlock the industry’s potential and provide long term sustainability.

12 Dec 2017

TAFE debacle must not sink shipbuilding skills

The State Liberals are demanding the Premier Jay Weatherill assumes direct responsibility for TAFE SA’s bid to provide training courses to the Federal Government’s Naval Shipbuilding College in South Australia.

11 Dec 2017

Creating the future shipbuilding workforce

The State Liberals have welcomed the news that 200 workers will be shifting from the Air Warfare Destroyers project to submarine construction and maintenance.

11 Dec 2017

Labor’s late bills hurting business

It has been revealed that the Weatherill Labor Government has paid over 110,000 of its bills late which totalled over $603 million in the 2016-17 financial year.

06 Dec 2017

Recharging Our Regions: Liberals’ billion dollar plan

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has released Recharging Our Regions, a billion dollar package to support regional job creation and drive regional investment.

05 Dec 2017

The fish rots from the head

The State Liberals are demanding Education Minister Susan Close tender her resignation as a consequence of the TAFE accreditation scandal engulfing the Weatherill Government.

04 Dec 2017

$150 million for regional jobs

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has announced a $150 million Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to support job creation and boost regional investment which will form the centre point of the State Liberals’ Recharging Our Regions plan.

01 Dec 2017

Sneaky Labor tries to deny SA fair boundaries

South Australians may be denied fair electoral boundaries after the Weatherill Labor Government devised a sneaky scheme to manipulate state elections.

30 Nov 2017

Change of government to bring end to culture of secrecy

In his first public statement as Premier, Jay Weatherill said ‘we want to present a government that is open and accountable’.

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