27 Mar 2018


Premier Steven Marshall has congratulated the sixteen award winners of the Governor’s Multicultural Award ceremony held this morning.

26 Mar 2018

Hon Dennis Hood MLC joins Liberal Party

Premier Steven Marshall has today welcomed Hon Dennis Hood MLC as a member of the Parliamentary Liberal Party.

25 Mar 2018

Royal Adelaide Hospital resuscitation trauma

The incoming Marshall Government has been informed by SA Health that the new Royal Adelaide
Hospital’s Resuscitation/Trauma Rooms are not fit for purpose creating risks to patient outcomes
and staff safety.

24 Mar 2018

Malinauskas in hiding

Labor Leader in waiting Peter Malinauskas has serious questions to answer about his failure to
release an essential safety report into the new Royal Adelaide Hospital prior to the state election.

24 Mar 2018

Regions matter – Barossa first stop on regular regional itinerary

The Premier will today meet with community members and businesses in the Barossa region to reaffirm the new Government’s commitment to reinvigorating SA’s regions.

Today’s trip to the Barossa will be the Premier’s first regional visit since the swearing in of the new Cabinet, with support for our regions a key focus of every member of the Marshall Government

23 Mar 2018

Marshall Government releases RAH Accreditation Report

On his first day in the job, Health Minister Stephen Wade has honoured a key Liberal election commitment by releasing the Accreditation Report into the new Royal Adelaide Hospital that the former Labor Government refused to release during the election campaign.

Received by SA Health on 5 March, the report directly relates to the safety of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

22 Mar 2018

Marshall Cabinet sworn in

Premier Steven Marshall’s full Cabinet has today been sworn in at Government House by South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le.

16 Mar 2018

A Marshall Liberal Government will work for all South Australians

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall will spend the final day of the election campaign on the shop floor of a range of South Australian businesses in his push to secure a majority Liberal Government.

15 Mar 2018

Liberals modest spending promises – Won’t match Labor’s $2 Billion Splurge

Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas said today that a Marshall Liberal Government would not be matching more than $2 billion of reckless spending promises made by Premier Weatherill and Treasurer Koutsantonis.
Sadly for South Australia Mr. Weatherill and Mr. Koutsantonis have been throwing money around like drunken sailors on shore leave.

15 Mar 2018

End of the long lunch on the taxpayers’ tab

The State Liberals will end the practice of Government Ministers having long boozy lunches at the taxpayers’ expense with a strict new policy on who pays for alcohol consumed by Ministers, their staff and guests.

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