Marshall Liberal Government delivers on key commitments

The Marshall Liberal Government has spent its first week in office delivering the commitments it outlined for its first seven days as part of the 100 Day Plan.

Premier Marshall said that his team was focused on working hard for the people of South Australia by delivering its strong plan for real change.

“In our first week of government my entire team has been focused on delivering the range of policies that South Australians gave us a mandate to implement,” said Premier Marshall.

“South Australians voted for the Liberals’ strong plan for real change, and that’s exactly what we are delivering.”
Key actions for week one:

  • Premier issued instruction for payment of government bills on time;
  • Treasurer issued instruction to prepare legislation for changes to payroll tax;
  • Treasurer issued instruction for procedures to implement $90 million cut in ESL bills;
  • Premier initiated process to establish the South Australian Productivity Commission;
  • Moratorium on fracking in the South East;
  • Action taken to appoint a Special investigator to examine the procurement of diesel generators;
  • Reduction in ministerial staff;
  • New guidelines governing taxpayer-funded advertising developed;
  • Confirmed the Repat hospital site will be used for health care services; and
  • Action initiated to dissolve TAFE SA Board and appoint new Board members.

“I’m proud that my team has been able to act on everything it set out to do in its first week, and demonstrated to South Australians that we will be a government that fulfils it’s commitment,” said Premier Marshall.

“The Liberal team prepared a plan for our first 100 days to drive our policies to create more jobs, lower costs and provide better services.

“Before the election I released ‘Our First 100 days in Government’ document so that people could keep us accountable on our promises, and to ensure that the real change that we were offering to South Australia would be implemented swiftly.

“Today is the first milestone of our 100 Day Plan and I’m pleased to confirm the Marshall Liberal Government is well on track to delivering every promise contained within it.”

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