Marshall Government releases RAH Accreditation Report

On his first day in the job, Health Minister Stephen Wade has honoured a key Liberal election commitment by releasing the Accreditation Report into the new Royal Adelaide Hospital that the former Labor Government refused to release during the election campaign.

Received by SA Health on 5 March, the report directly relates to the safety of the Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN), including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“Given that this matter was a significant issue in the campaign, the people of South Australia had the right to know that their new $2.3 billion hospital had not met accreditation standards before casting their ballots for a new government,” said Mr Wade.

“Contrary to the assertions of the former Labor Government, there is no indication that the report is an interim report, yet to be finalised.”

Minister Wade noted that the findings of the assessors are settled findings.

CALHN has 90 days – up to 3 June 2018 – within which to act on the findings of the assessors or risk losing accreditation.

The accreditation report which relates to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and Glenside Health Services, found that:

- 7 ‘core’ critical safety and quality standards were not met
- 17 developmental actions require future efforts

All core issues must be met for a health service to be accredited.

SA Health has indicated that the assessors have not advised that any issues require immediate action, before the end of the 90-day period.

CALHN advises that it is confident that it will complete the actions required to achieve accreditation within the 90-day period.

The Marshall Government will work with SA Health and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network to ensure that the matters raised in the accreditation process are addressed.

“Ensuring the Royal Adelaide Hospital delivers first class health care will be a priority of the Marshall Government.”

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