Marshall Government releases ASQA and Nous reports

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has today provided the State Government with its
review of TAFE SA’s application for reconsideration in response to the audit conducted last year.

"This is good news for South Australia’s training and industry sectors, it is good news for TAFE SA,
and most importantly it is good news for South Australian students undertaking training in VET
qualifications so they can get a job,” said Minister for Education John Gardner.

“South Australian students, businesses, industry and the whole community need to be able to have
confidence in the public training provider.

“TAFE SA’s failure to satisfy the national regulator’s audit last year, leading to the decision to
sanction courses, dealt an enormous blow to that confidence. Today’s decision by ASQA to revoke
its suspension of the ten qualifications under review provides an opportunity for TAFE SA to have a
fresh start. The Government will work closely with TAFE to ensure that such a quality scandal
never happens again.

“Today the Marshall Government is releasing the details of the review undertaken by ASQA, which
shows that despite previous issues, rectification and remediation initiatives have now been made to
the 10 qualifications audited.

“The document identifies that there will be no sanctions on TAFE SA and no suspensions of any
courses. A number of minor technical non-compliance issues have been identified for TAFE SA to
rectify within 20 business days.

“The Marshall Government is also today releasing the Quality Review of TAFE SA by the Nous
Group, which was received earlier today.

“The Government will provide a full response to the nine recommendations of the Nous Group in
due course: however we note that the report particularly identifies concerns in relation to strategy,
governance, capability, culture, systems and resources, some of which contributed directly to last
year’s scandal.

“Notably the Nous group makes the point that ‘the starting point is to re-set strategy and
governance’. This is in line with the Government’s announced election commitments, in relation to
which we have commenced implementation already.

“Through their failure to heed the warning signs, to undertake satisfactory oversight of TAFE SA, or
even to take this issue seriously when it was first raised in the Parliament by the Liberal Party, the
former Labor Government carries a heavy burden of responsibility for the damage done to this

“An enormous amount of work has been undertaken by staff across the organisation at TAFE SA,
including by the Interim CE, to ensure that we are now in a position to provide TAFE SA with that
fresh start.

“The Marshall Liberal Government will ensure that this situation is never allowed to happen again.”

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