Marshall Government moves on flu vaccinations

In a first for South Australian public health policy the Marshall Liberal Government will provide free flu vaccinations for all children under the age of five.

“The Marshall Liberal Government understands the threat the flu poses to babies and small children and has moved swiftly to provide protection through vaccinations,” said Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade.

“Upon the election of the Marshall Liberal Government a little over a month ago, I asked the Chief Medical Officer to try to secure the necessary vaccines.

“In the past few days, the Chief Medical Officer has advised me that he has been able to secure sufficient vaccines for implementation and more supplies are being pursued.

“He and I will be making an announcement on the implementation plan in the next few days.

“After 16 years of Labor, South Australia is the only State that does not fund an influenza vaccine for all children greater than six months to less than five years of age.

“Labor Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas has been exposed as playing fast and loose with the truth on flu vaccinations during his time as Heath Minister in the former Labor Government.

“A little over a month ago the Opposition Leader promised to provide flu vaccinations for all South Australian children under the age of five without ensuring that the promise could be delivered.

“Peter Malinauskas made the promise without securing the additional 90,000 doses of influenza vaccine needed to vaccinate South Australian children aged six months to five years.

“Pharmaceutical companies usually require a minimum of three months’ notice to ensure flu vaccines are available when needed.

“Once again the former Labor Government’s modus operandi has been exposed – they promise any and everything before an election to save their political skin.

“South Australians can have no faith in the commitments of the new Opposition Leader.

“Peter Malinauskas’ hollow promise to deliver free flu vaccinations is just the latest misleading of the South Australian public in his time as health Minister.

“Peter Malinauskas failed to reveal that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Resuscitation/Trauma Rooms are not fit for purpose creating risks to patient outcomes and staff safety.

“Peter Malinauskas failed to reveal that CAHLN is running $240 million over budget this financial year.

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