Marshall Cabinet sworn in

Premier Steven Marshall’s full Cabinet has today been sworn in at Government House by South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le.

“My Government will be honest, accountable and focused on delivering more jobs, lower costs and better services,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“The State Liberals’ strong plan for real change was emphatically endorsed by the South Australian people on March 17.

“The people of South Australia expect us to deliver on the policies we campaigned on and my Government will work tirelessly to progress the reforms so strongly backed by the South Australian people.

“My Ministers will work constructively with South Australia’s public service, Members of Parliament, other levels of government, interest groups and the wider community to ensure our State is put on the right track.

“As Premier I will take responsibility for driving the economic rejuvenation of our state in addition to Aboriginal Affairs, Defence and Space Industries, the Arts, Veterans Affairs and Multicultural Affairs.”

The Marshall Cabinet is comprised of the 14 Shadow Ministers that went to the election, although there have been some portfolio reallocations to better implement our plans for reviving South Australia’s struggling economy.

The Marshall Cabinet realigns a number of portfolio responsibilities to better integrate the delivery of government services.

The Minister for Human Services will carry responsibility for social housing, status of women, youth, volunteers and disabilities.

The Minister for Industry and Skills will also be responsible for small business in an effort to ensure we are providing our young people with the skills that are needed by the 140,000 small businesses in South Australia.

Child Protection will be a stand-alone Ministry incorporating the responsibilities of the former Minister for Child Protection Reform and those previously held by the Minister for Education and Child Development.

“This Liberal Government has a responsibility to improve South Australia’s economic fortunes and government services, and I expect every Minister to be devoted to achieving that outcome.”

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