Malinauskas in hiding

Labor Leader in waiting Peter Malinauskas has serious questions to answer about his failure to
release an essential safety report into the new Royal Adelaide Hospital prior to the state election.

“The Labor Leader in waiting is the Labor Leader in hiding,” said Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“The former Health Minister in the previous Labor administration Peter Malinauskas cannot hide
forever – he must come out today and answer questions as to why he failed to release this safety
audit report before South Australians went to the polls.

“Was Mr Malinauskas concealing the report prior to the state election to protect the political fortunes
of the Labor Party?

“It would be utterly disgraceful if the decision was taken to protect the political interests of the Labor
Party at the expense of the public’s right to know and the best interests of community safety for all
South Australians.

“In stark contrast, the Marshall Government yesterday honoured its commitment to release the
Accreditation Report, demonstrating that this State Government will be open and transparent, and
accountable to the people of South Australia.

“Mr Malinauskas has the ability to put forward his version of events in the lead up to the election, by
fronting the media today and answering questions as to why the safety report was not released.

“If he refuses, the South Australian public at large will be right to question the motives of Mr
Malinauskas and the previous Labor administration in not releasing the Accreditation Report.

“Mr Malinauskas also needs to explain if he has suppressed any other issues regarding the Royal
Adelaide Hospital.”

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