Light armoured vests to protect police

The State Liberals will initiate a trial of the effectiveness and suitability of light armoured vests to protect front-line police officers from knife attacks if successful at next year’s state election.

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide funding for the purchase of 100 light armoured vests to determine if the safety initiative should be rolled out for all front-line police officers.

“Unfortunately the use of knives in terrorist and other violent attacks is far too prevalent and I intend to do everything possible to protect our police from criminals wielding dangerous weapons,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“We know that the speed and pace of any terrorist attack can wreak havoc in minutes, indeed seconds.

“Our police need the right equipment backed by the right training and right laws.

“The trial will determine whether light armoured vests are suitable for use in South Australia’s climate, providing an additional protection for police and value for taxpayers.

“We will also look at police processes to help ensure as much police time as possible is concentrated where it is absolutely needed.”

A Marshall Liberal Government would commission a retired judge or senior lawyer to lead a full review of all aspects of police work.

Of particular focus will be:

  • Streamlining arrest and charging processes;
  • Maximising the use of rapid justice initiatives;
  • Reducing the amount of time police spend waiting in court to give evidence;
  • Reducing bottlenecks to improve turnaround times for the production of evidence for trial; and
  • Reviewing technology use to reduce administrative burdens.

“These latest initiatives build on a raft of Liberal policies designed to improve the safety of police and the community they so bravely protect,” said Mr Marshall.

“A government I lead will always look at investing in improving how our police operate.”

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