Liberals will stop councils gouging ratepayers

In addition to capping council rates, a Marshall Liberal Government will restrict increases for local government fees and charges to reduce rising cost of living pressures on South Australian households and businesses.

“Following the State Liberals’ commitment to establish a Local Government Rate Capping Scheme, there have been suggestions councils would increase their fees and charges to counter the rate cap,” said Shadow Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will monitor council fees and charges and crack down on any attempt to gouge revenue from these sources.

“All levels of government have a duty to minimise waste and ensure service delivery is as efficient and effective as possible, containing costs to ratepayers and easing cost of living pressures.

“Increasing fees and charges for provision of assistance and amenities, such as hall hire, waste disposal or planning approval will not be tolerated.

“The State Liberals will prevent local councils from hiking fees and charges, ensuring South Australians are not paying increased costs to cover unnecessary spending.”

Last week it was revealed that the Onkaparinga Council had been wasting ratepayers’ money on items from Apple Watches to golf balls and the Adelaide Oval Roof Climb.

“In recent years, local council rates have been increasing above inflation, in some areas rising by three times CPI,” said Mr Pisoni.

“This is completely unacceptable; council rates are one of the biggest taxes home owners pay each year and South Australians should not be paying bigger council rate increases than east coast ratepayers.

“A Marshall Liberal Government is committed to accountability and efficiency, and will not continue State Labor’s underhanded practice of cost shifting to local councils and placing an unfair burden on ratepayers.”

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