Liberals will keep the Repat pool open

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will retain the Repat site as a health precinct which will include maintaining the hydrotherapy pool as a vital rehabilitation service for thousands of patients in southern Adelaide.

The Weatherill Government must ensure the continued future operation of the hydrotherapy pool at the Repat as part of the sale process.

“The closure of the Repat is a central component of the Weatherill Government’s failed Transforming Health experiment, compromising the quality and availability of health services across Adelaide,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The hydrotherapy pools at the Repat and the Flinders Medical Centre are used to provide critical rehabilitation services to thousands of South Australians, especially those in our southern suburbs.

“Reports indicate that almost 600 non-inpatient clients require access to the Flinders Medical Centre hydrotherapy pool each week but there are fewer than 300 sessions available.

“If the Weatherill Labor Government closes the hydrotherapy pool at the Repat then even more of these people will be turned away and unable to access these important facilities.

“Clinicians and medical experts tell us that hydrotherapy pools are crucial in management of chronic conditions and longer-term rehabilitation. This keeps people of out hospital and eases the burden on our hospitals.

“That’s why we are committed to the Repat’s hydrotherapy pool staying open. Until the future of the Repat pool is clarified the Government must keep open the existing hydrotherapy pool at Flinders Medical Centre.

“The Liberals will do what we can to undo the damage caused by Labor’s failed Transforming Health experiment. We have already announced that we will retain the Repat as a health precinct, upgrade the Modbury Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a number of initiatives to improve country health services.”

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