Liberals to reveal details on Weatherill grants to business

A Marshall Liberal Government would ‘open up the books’ and reveal as much detail as is legally permitted regarding the millions of dollars the Weatherill Labor Government has thrown at business in its reckless pre-election spending spree.

“The Weatherill Government has repeatedly abused the principle that taxpayers have the right to know their money is being spent wisely,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“Just last week the American Company ProTom International received $10 million from taxpayers to move to South Australia even though they admitted they would have come without the gift.

“This is another example of an outrageous waste of taxpayers’ funding just so Jay Weatherill could do a pre-election stunt for TV cameras.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will order Treasury officers to produce an urgent report on the tens of millions of dollars given to companies in the last 12 months, along with details of conditions of the grant and the due diligence conducted on the grant.

“We will also commission an independent assessment of the value of the ‘picking winners for TV announcements’ policy of the Weatherill Labor Government and whether all of the promised jobs have been delivered.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will be committed to a policy of reducing the costs of doing business in South Australia so our businesses can be nationally and internationally competitive.

“Our policy on abolishing payroll tax for all small businesses in South Australia is an example of the alternative policy approach to be adopted by a Marshall Liberal Government.

“The brutal reality is that the Labor approach has been a massive failure. Jobs growth in South Australia under Jay Weatherill has been just 3.0 per cent compared to national jobs growth of 10.7 per cent in the same period.

“Whilst there might be some restrictions on what details can be released in some contracts, most contracts include provisions that allow Governments to release details to Parliament and a Marshall Liberal Government will use those provisions to release as much information as possible.”

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