Liberals commit support for Ice Factor

The Marshall Liberals support the valuable work of the Ice Factor program and have pledged to assist the program continue past 2020 if successful on March 17.

Marie Shaw and the Ice Factor’s directors and supporters have been doing an extraordinary job assisting young people turn their lives around.

“A Marshall Liberal Government will work with the Ice Factor to help them in their discussions with their landlord to extend their lease a further five years until 2025,” said Shadow Minister for Education John Gardner.

“We will also continue to provide direct financial support to the Ice Factor, as happens at the moment from the Education Department, as well as the support provided by schools.”

The Ice Factor has made a real difference in so many young people’s lives who might, in their own words, have gone off the rails were it not for this program.

More than 2,500 at-risk teenagers have benefited from the program over the last thirteen years – through the 17 schools participating, as well as through the Ice Factor’s other programs for Aboriginal students and students with a disability.

“As Shadow Education Minister I have appreciated the opportunity to meet many of these young people through visiting the program, and I have had them write to me too,” said Mr Gardner.

“We know that the transformational changes in the lives of young people at risk are not just giving the young people in question a better future, but there is a social benefit in their community and there is an economic benefit to the state as well – as they then become contributors to that community.

“State Government has a role to play in facilitating programs like the Ice Factor to do their great work.

“That is why a Marshall Liberal Government will work with Marie Shaw and her team to enable it to continue into the foreseeable future.”

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